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Forgiveness…that and fairytales.

It has been a while since my interest has been so piqued. I found some other blogs today who also wrote about fairytales and stories of old. It is wonderful to realise that there are many people like me in the world who remain fascinated and thrilled about these tales, albeit with a healthy dose of realism. It is indeed, quaintly charming.

I had begun today with the intention of indulging myself to recount a tale of forgiveness in the hope that it would inspire me to do the same with regard to someone in my life…

They say for people in the business of writing that showing up to write is half the battle. The very famous quote that pops in my mind whenever I stall in writing, or indeed in my other endeavours, is —

Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too. — Isabel Allende

And that really, is all that it is. Persevere. Maintain consistency. Hold yourself to standards. Take incremental steps. It is tremendously difficult!

In Greek mythology, they attribute all inspiration for the arts to the nine muses — the true source of all…

There is perhaps a less well known tale that better illustrate how the golden strands of trust, love and hope intertwine and weave together — and that is the story of Pandora’s Box.

It is unfortunate that people often refer to Pandora’s Box in the context of something bad, to denote the opening of a latent topic or hidden issue that should not be referred.

That, is not the story in its entirety.

That, is not the story of Pandora’s Box.

— —

The story of Pandora’s Box begins after Prometheus stole the gift of fire from heavens to give…

Today I want to share the story of Orpheus and Eurydice — the tragic Greek myth that taught me the importance of being steadfast in my trust of people, particularly those who are close to me.

For me, in my personal life, I have one demand— I require absolute trust and faith from my family and close friends.

I know it is unreasonable of me to ask this of others, but that is what I want. Because I would hope the person that I love would not doubt me, even if they do not understand what I am doing. I…

One of the most important personality attributes lauded by those on the corporate ladder is resilience or grit. These things mean very different things to different people, but it seems to me it means not getting worn out by hardships along the way.

It is a conundrum sometimes — you should care passionately about what you are doing and give things your one hundred percent, but at the same time you can’t be emotionally impacted by setbacks? So the key must be in the recovery, how fast you can get back on your feet and start moving again.

Today I…

I’m going to break a rule on my blog today and recount a story which has no roots in mythology or folklore. I would not usually share works of fiction, but I think this tale is well worthwhile sharing.

Let me start off by asking this question — how much of our lives do you think we spend trying to answer questions?

Do not most people devote all their time and energy into pursuing their dreams just to see how far they could go? Do not philosophers, scientists, researchers, academics, psychologists and psychics make a career out of answering other…

Watching the 2016 Olympic games opening ceremony reminded me of another personality attribute that I value highly: sportsmanship. I don’t mean it in the narrow context of its meaning in sport. No, I mean it in the context of life itself.

Modern literature call it grit, perseverance, or persistence. I would call it having good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship means that you strive the hardest you can, take things in good spirit even if you lose the battle, and not flaunt your success to put other people down.

I’ve said in a previous post that selflessness was the most important value…

There has been a surge in the popularity of time travel stories in recent movies and online fiction. Typically the main character is magically transported back in time to the past or a major historical event. The story then follows the actions of this character who now has the benefit of hindsight; on how they will use their knowledge of the future to extract revenge or to seek redemption from their greatest regrets.

It is perhaps superficial, but reading a few of these online novels started me thinking about my own life. What if I was given the chance to…

There are very few things in life that I genuinely care about. But the people who I met in my childhood is an exception. I’ve always struggled to walk away from these people, even in situations where I knew it would be extremely unhealthy. When I was much younger, I thought it was a pity when former lovers did not keep in contact with each other because surely, it would be a shame to let someone who you once cared about so much exit your life. …

I have never thought of myself as a feminist in my thinking, until I realised that all of my stories have a female protagonist. Well…all except for one. So the story I want to share today is the tale of Prometheus, the protector and selfless God in Greek mythology.

There is much in the story of Prometheus that appeals to me on personal level, because the personality trait that I most admire is selflessness. …

Fey Ho

Joie de Vivre

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